Alaska - Land Cruise - 2022

We spent the first three days on land, sightseeing in Anchorage, then taking a coach up to spend a night at Grizzly Bear Lodge in Denali National Park. The tour took us into the park, where we glimpsed a grizzly and saw moose (all from a safe distance). We even got up in the middle of the night to try to spot the Northern Lights from our cabin (reports said they had a high probability of appearing), but we didn’t see them, although one of the other guests said he got up an hour later and saw them at 2:30am. On the bright side, we saw plenty of wildlife, visited a wildlife sanctuary with bears and bison, and learned that moose are more dangerous than bears. We also took plenty of photos of Denali at Denali, of course! Apparently we came at the perfect time of year - in the one week of fall. The mosquitos were mostly gone and the leaves were turning yellow (Alaskan forests are a mixture of birch and spruce). The tour guide told us that they were probably only a couple weeks away from the first snow.

IMG 1882.jpg

At the airport

IMG 1009.jpg

Flying West

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Captain Cook

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We ate reindeer dogs for lunch one day.

IMG 1907.jpg

We made friends with the Mayor of Talkeetna.

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Run behind a tree if you see a moose! Don’t just hide behind your sister...

IMG 1938.jpg

There is a grizzly bear at the top of the hill, running away from us. We were at a park stop but they wouldn’t let anyone walk around because of the bear being so close by.

IMG 1940.jpg

You can hardly see it, but there’s a moose in the middle in front of that tree.

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Denali at Denali

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What is Denali to you?

IMG 0300.jpg

Ours to Preserve...

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IMG 0361.jpg

Wildlife Sanctuary

IMG 0364.jpg

“It’s because I’m smarter than the average bear.”

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