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Colby, Denali, and Christy in Tennessee, November 2023

Welcome back to Oreganet! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As December winds down, it’s time to look through the photo albums and catch up on the events of the year.

There was some churn on the job front. Wayne was laid off from Axalta, but he soon found a new job with Penn Color. He’s enjoying new challenges and the friendly atmosphere. This job doesn’t have as much travel as the last one, which is nice, but he did make a few business trips such as Singapore and the Netherlands. 

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Wayne at Newtown Square’s Paper Mill House, December 2023

I continued to work at Cornelis Networks doing technical program management for the ASIC and platform engineering teams (along with design reviews, sustainability work, and other random activities). Our team is working hard to create the new CN5000 product line. Our company continues to grow in preparation for launch of the new product. It’s an exciting time to be working at a startup. And we have a great roadmap!

Denali, now fifteen, finished middle school in June and started ninth grade at high school where her brother already attends. It took her a couple months to get used to the high school course load and the strange new block schedules they rolled out this year. She’s been studying biology, geography, intro to business, and French, and she is also having fun in the French club.

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Denali - Homecoming, September 2023

Colby is now in his last year of high school. He hasn’t yet figured out what he’s doing after high school, but it will probably be something to do with programming, his favorite subject. It’s hard to believe he’s going to be done with high school soon. Colby passed three important milestones this year: he turned eighteen, he got his driver’s license over the summer, and he found a regular job at Freddy’s Steakburgers, working mostly at the front counter, drive-thru, and cold line (where they make shakes). They’re really nice about scheduling; he works one or two shifts on weekends only, so it doesn’t seem to interfere with his schoolwork.

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Colby at Street Survival (Tire Rack sponsored real world training)

This was also the year of family visits. BJ came to see us in September, and Lee and Cindy visited in October. We were well overdue to see family!

We didn’t do any extravagant vacations, after our big Alaskan vacation in 2022, but we did smaller activities closer to home, including car shows, Porsche drives, and the summer airplane Fly In at the Golden Age Air Museum in Bethel, PA.

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Christy and Colby at the Fly In in June 2023

We also spent some vacation time visiting Tennesseee. Some day, after the kids finish with school, we’re going to move south, so it’s nice to spend some time down there.

Denali and Wayne at the Museum of Appalachia

For the house, we continued with renovations by getting the front interior hallways and foyer painted. There are just a few rooms left to be done now.

Have a very happy and healthy 2024! Happy holidays!

- Christy Devonport

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Christy and Denali after the Porsche Coal Mine Drive in July 2023

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