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Colby and Denali at at Olszanowski Farm - Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze, October 2022

Welcome back to Oreganet! It’s January 1, 2023. Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

Another year has zipped by at lightning speed. At least it seemed like a more normal year, now that the pandemic is over. We were able to go out and do lots of fun things, when we weren’t working on jobs and school, or continuing our house renovations.

Work and school went along pretty normally this year. My job at Cornelis Networks continues to be very consuming, but I’m loving most of it, even if the workload is kind of crazy most of the time. We’ve been hiring like mad all year, and we reached over 175 people (direct and contractor). We’re continuing to add team members in the ASIC, platform, and software engineering groups, not to mention sales and support. I try to keep everything running smoothly. One of my primary roles is technical program management for the ASIC team, which involves coordinating resources, making sure issues get resolved quickly, and solving assorted problems. I also continue to do some coaching for the platform circuits team, helping our new design engineers, running design reviews, and keeping track of board errata. I also do some creative writing aka technical reports, hardware specs, and more. I really enjoy working with my team.

Wayne continues to work as Global Vice President for Mobility Technology at Axalta. He travelled out to Detroit quite a bit last year, as well as Mexico, Europe, and Sao Paulo in Brazil. Brazil was fun - nice food and interesting sightseeing. It was nice to be able to travel normally again.

Colby had a busy summer. He got his driver's permit and managed to get a job at Acme, our local grocery store, towards the end of summer. He was a bit late to find the job, but they have a good policy that allows him to take leave during the school year and easily restart at the next break, so I expect he’ll be working there full time next summer. He’s seventeen now and a junior in high school.

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Learning to drive!

Denali is fourteen and in eighth grade. She spent a lot of her spare time this year working on her NASA TechRise project, The Paint of Space. It’s a small capsule designed to test the behavior of paint drying in microgravity. She managed the project and team, helped figure out the mechanicals, and programmed the microcontroller to run the servo that pushed the paint out of a syringe onto a panel. Her team finally sent it off to NASA at the end of October, and it’s targeted for a launch on Blue Origin sometime in spring 2023. Check out the pictures!

We did lots of the usual activities this year like car shows and visits to Longwood Gardens. But the big highlight of the year was our Alaskan land/sea cruise on the Norwegian Jewel. Read my full write-up about the trip here and view the photo album. It was a long time in planning, and well worth the trip!

Our house renovations continued this year, with retiling of the hall bathroom and more interior painting. I’ll put some pictures up eventually in the decorating section.

Happy new year! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023!

- Christy Devonport

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Longwood Gardens at Thanksgiving 2022

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