New! Check out our 2021 activities and family update.


New! Read the Cookie Chronicles 2019 edition, and catch up on previous years. I also posted a couple ideas for 2021 but still haven’t fleshed them out.

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View the 2020 renovation of the kitchen Newtown Square. Newtown Square, Kitchen Renovation

View the 2019 renovation of the master bathroom in Newtown Square. Newtown Square, Master Bathroom Renovation

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View Christy's resume, updated in 2019.

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Some of our Apex 2018 redecorating projects.

Christy has a Tech blog.

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Check out Denali's Desk for artwork from 2016 and 2017!


Colby's Cubby has been updated with artwork from 2016 and 2017!

Christy's Writing: Check out Christy’s Corner. Latest writing update: December 2015's Cookie Chronicles. Interested in browsing the writing? Skip to Original Works and Fan Fiction.

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Colby and Denali perform their violin and piano recitals. March 2015.

Check out decorating projects at our latest house or view our older renovation projects.

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