Alaska - Excursions - 2022

We did excursions at the different ports. This included the whale watching and wildlife cruise in Juneau, which gave us great views of humpback whales, sea lions, and birds. In Skagway, we did the spectacular White Pass & Yukon train (although we didn’t get to go as far as normal; Canadian COVID restrictions wouldn’t allow the train to cross into Canada). The best excursion was the adventure karts in Ketchican, which we did right after a rain - we were totally muddy afterwards but it was exhilarating and so much fun. The gold panning excursion was kind of a dud. We all collected a few gold flakes but it wasn’t that interesting. I guess we didn’t catch gold fever! We also went to lots of tourist gift shops and got our t shirts, post cards, and magnets.

IMG 0461.jpg

There be whales here!

IMG 0465.jpg

Whale Watching

IMG 0466.jpg

IMG 0467.jpg

George and Gracie?

IMG 0469.jpg

IMG 0471.jpg

Sea otters

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IMG 0477.jpg

The Norwegan Jewel, our ship

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IMG 0155.jpg

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IMG 0189.jpg

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IMG 0192.jpg

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IMG 0584.jpg

IMG 0590.jpg

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Panning for Gold

IMG 2016.jpg

We only collected a few gold flakes

IMG 0603.jpg

Dressed for the adventure karts...

IMG 0608.jpg

Two per car

IMG 0612.jpg

Colby: I don’t like being muddy!

IMG 0615.jpg

IMG 0616.jpg

IMG 0620.jpg

Mud Family

IMG 0624.jpg

Nice waterfall at the end of the logging road

IMG 0553.jpg

Ready to go back on board

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