Family Visit - Lee & Cindy - October 2023

One of the highlights of our visit with Lee and Cindy was going to Top Golf, one of Lee’s favorite places.

Colby liked the golf-based video games.

IMG 6620.jpg

IMG 6621.jpg

IMG 6622.jpg

Lunchtime in between hits. They had pretty good food, too.

IMG 6623.jpg

IMG 6624.jpg

Grandpa has fun teaching Colby some golf tips:

IMG 6627.jpg

IMG 6628.jpg

IMG 6629.jpg

IMG 6630.jpg

IMG 6631.jpg

Christy moves on to the 5 wood.

IMG 6633.jpg

IMG 6634.jpg

IMG 6635.jpg

Denali’s turn at Angry Birds golf game...

IMG 6636.jpg

IMG 6638.jpg

We also took some backyard portraits!

IMG 6647.jpg

IMG 6651.jpg

Funny how they both picked the same pose!

Sorry, the next few are a bit low res, but still worth sharing.

IMG 3127.jpg

IMG 3130.jpg

Cindy, Denali, Christy, Colby, and Lee

IMG 3134.jpg

Lee, Denali, Colby, and Cindy

IMG 3135.jpg

Everyone look silly! Aw, the kids didn’t play along!

IMG 6652.jpg

Lee and Christy

LeeAndChristy 231009.jpg

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