Colby the Driver - July 2023

In June, Colby got his driver’s license after many months of practice. For a treat, Wayne took him out in the 911 (he’s normally only allowed to drive the Acura).

IMG 1059.jpg

Passed the driving test!

In July, we signed Colby up for Tire Rack’s Street Survival training course up in Montgomery County. They pair each student with a professional driving instructor (Colby got Jack Cooney, the chief instructor for Riesentoter PCA!) and perform practice runs where the students learn to control a skid (corn meal drifting), apply hard braking (to get a feel for ABS), and change lanes abruptly with braking. Colby had a great time, too! I think he liked the drifting the best. Yes, that’s our Acura!

DSC 0083.jpg

DSC 0108.jpg

DSC 0128.jpg

IMG 3110.jpg

DSC 0041.jpg

Drifting on corn meal

DSC 0064.jpg


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