December 2002 Reflections

December 17, 2002: Okay - I bet some of you are wondering about my career change, from engineer to writer. It's something I've always wanted to do, and this seemed like as good time as any to take the leap. This doesn't mean I've given up on my technical interests - I expect to go back to them at some point. But every so often it's important to experiment and try something new rather than waiting for "just the right time" in the distant future. I took the summer off after the move - partly to recover from the stress of moving, partly to get all of the little jobs done that come up whenever you settle into a new place, and partly to spend some quality time working on my writing which I'd been poking at on and off for many years. It proved extremely rewarding and gave me the inspiration to make the change to writing full time. In September, writing officially became my full time job. Now I just need to get paid! That will come eventually. To date I have around 20,000 words written on my novel, and I've been sending the odd short story out to try to get something published - nothing yet, but maybe one of these days... I'm also actively involved in an internet writing workshop and a local writers' peer critique group. So there you have it. Stay tuned for updates.

December 13, 2002: At last! I've finished the website update, including adding new pictures in the photo gallery. All of our Christmas cards are mailed and the packages are out; the house is decorated, and cookies and fudge are tempting us in the kitchen. The new Cookie Chronicles will go online in a couple weeks. Happy holidays!

December 11, 2002: This year has flown by. I've been doing lots of writing, so it was hard to find time to do the updates. However, I figured I'd better do something for holidays before our Christmas cards arrived at their destinations and friends start checking in with Oreganet to see what's new. I really will try to get some new photographs uploaded this week - I know we're long overdue. I even have two new sets sitting next to the desk, waiting for digitizing.


June 2002 Reflections

June 4, 2002: We're moving! Need I say more? Chaos...


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